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Virtual Reality

The raw mathematical outputs from the traffic/pedestrian simulation software are converted to high quality 3D visualisation using a Virtual Reality Rendering Processor. Once the vehicles or pedestrians are accurately simulated, the surrounding environment and street furniture such as road signs, trees, plants, street lights, traffic lights and pavement textures are modelled and positioned. Finally complex or massed up buildings are included in the VR environment. The VR core processor then models all the three components of the environment, vehicles/pedestrians, street furniture and buildings into an animation. The output is compiled as a video in High Definition/Standard Definition or Real Time Playback for Gaming consoles. Read More>>

Demo Reel
Experience the virtual reality bringing engineering proposals to life even before implementation. More>>


Al Muntazah Expressway - Doha, Qatar
The Al Muntazah Highway forms part of phase XIII of the Doha Expressway project. This is an extension of Al Muntazah Street all the way to the intersection of East Industrial Road-Street 33 and is a four-lane dual-carriageway with four interchanges and finishing works. Experience More >>>


Shastri Park Karawal Nagar, Bus Rapid Transit System - Delhi, India
Located in the east of Delhi this BRT corridor forms the 2nd such project in Delhi. The 2 arms of this BRT corridor stretches between Karawal Nagar to Shastri Park and Bhajanpura to Morigate. No existing road space will not be taken up for the project. Instead, an embankment is being constructed along the left side of the road to accommodate BRTS. Experience More >>>


Lusail Expressway - Doha, Qatar
The Lusail Expressway aims at creating a strategic free flow north-south axis of movement connecting the heart of Doha City with is north, along the eastern coastal line, to serve the current and future planning. This expressway will change the traffic patterns within Doha in the medium to long range (within 20 years) moving the centre of gravity of population towards the north, where there will be a modern road network built to the highest international standards. Experience More >>>


Abu Dhabi Tram Depot - UAE
The Surface Transport Master Plan (SMTP) for Abu Dhabi includes an ambitious plan to introduce over 340km of tramway into Abu Dhabi. Some elements of the tram system will be retrofitted into the existing urban fabric whilst other elements will be provided within new development areas. The Key aspect is that any new or existing structures that interface with the tramway should take into account the loading and other design criteria related to the tram system. The objective of the visualisation was to identify the impact of setting up the tram depot at the proposed location. Experience More >>>


National Road 2, Umgeni Road to M13 Interchange - Durban, South Africa


Bridge City Development Plan - Durban, South Africa


Personal Rapid Transit System - Delhi, India


Slovakia Railway Development Project – Trincin, Slovakia
STI was commissioned by the client to create a high end VR Visualisation for the available Vissim Model. The project was a perfect example of ultra high detailing and mathematical accuracy.


BRT Corridor ITS and Modifications Proposal - New Delhi, India
One of the best example for heterogeneous (mixed) traffic conditions lies on the roads of Delhi, India. It was the fist time ever that a Microsimulation model with this condition was successfully delivered using PTV Vision Software suite. Sunovatech India was commissioned to create a VR of this VISSIM model to showcase the modifications in the infrastructure and implementation of ITS on the over saturated corridor.


M - 27 Junction 7 to 11 - South Hampton, United Kingdom
M27 is one of the busiest motorways connecting London to South Hampton in UK. The objective of the project was to test the impact of variable speed limit MIDAS loops through VMS signs. STI was commissioned to create a 3DVR model of the VISSIM Micro simulation between Junction 7 to 11 created by Mott MacDonald Ltd. UK. The unique feature in this project was to adopt the data for the VMS from various excel outputs and Vissim Data Record file.


Qatar Cycling Master plan - Doha, Qatar
STI was commissioned to create a VRTS for Qatar cycle master plan. The key objective was to demonstrate the before and after situation as proposed in the Qatar cycle master plan. The VRTS included several areas like Cornish, Grade separated cycle paths on roundabouts, Residential interior lanes, commercial areas and busy BRT Intersection.


Qatar Transport Master Plan - Doha, Qatar
As a part of Qatar’s infrastructure development plan Al Muntazah Expressway connects some of the biggest developments in the eastern part of Doha to the main city. This Expressway stretches over 8.5 KM of road network connecting Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional developments. The visualization is a perfect example of integration between complex Engineering, Urban and Architectural Design. Experience


Abu Dhabi Transport Master Plan – UAE
Sunovatech India was commissioned as a part core group for the Abu Dhabi Transport Master Plan Visulaisation. The Scope Included not only Visualisation of the proposed Tram line passing through the city centre but also to Identify limitations between Existing urban design and proposed Master plan. The project was commissioned in a record period of 15 days which included the redesign (Urban Design) of various existing and proposed infrastructure.


Cape Town Railway Station Upgradation Plan – Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town has been chosen as one of the venue for 2010 FIFA world CUP in South Africa. Forecasting the need for the pedestrian evacuation plan for the event and growing demand for the infrastructure the project was focused on the modelling of various aspects of evacuation conditions. STI was commissioned by Goba Consulting to create a VR Pedestrian 3D Model to analyze the impact on pedestrian movement with the proposed architectural plan and turnstile placement and numbers. As a backbone of the project VISSIM Pedestrian simulation was used and the mathematical data derived from the Microsimulation was attached with VR 3D Models of pedestrians and 3D Architectural models.


Cross River tram – London, United Kingdom
CRT had two principle roles to fulfil. (1) To support regeneration. (2) Providing increased transport capacity to relieve crowding from the busy central London area. STI was commissioned to create a Virtual Reality Traffic Simulation using VISSIM micro simulation. The Scope included transformation of VISSIM model to high end 3D Visualisation including the VR modelling and rendering of all complex buildings, street furniture, road and tram infrastructure, road signs, road markings and simulated traffic signals.




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