3D Visualisation

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Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

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Smart Mobility, Navigation & Artificial Intelligence

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Driving Simulators & Game Asset Development

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We are a group of passionate supernovas who deliver the best of visual arts, animations and applications across varied industries. Our creative and Technical skills set us apart from the competitive race. Our service sectors are vast, from transportation to energy, from gaming to virtual reality, from entertainment to education we aim to create state of the art solutions time after time.

3D Visualization

Our Infrastructure Visualisation group of specialist Engineers and 3D Artists with extraordinary capability of converting complex ideas and two-dimensional plans into stunning three-dimensional presentations, that offers decision makers, design engineers and community a unique insight into infrastructure operations even before the project is implemented. The essence of our Infrastructure visualisation services lies in our understanding of engineering principles and its varied standards, which in turn results in development of detailed and smart 3D models providing a realistic representation of any environment.

Game Assets Development

Our creative team of highly skilled 3D Artists with traditional art background and the experience of next generation technology provides an unmatched level of quality that creates stunning game assets and environments. We believe in adding value by blending a right mix of detailing, imagination, Art and Technology. We specialise in Game Environments, Props, Vehicles and Weapons.

Virtual Reality

The world of experiencing the future is changing faster than ever before, Our Virtual reality solutions enable the viewer to experience the reality, Which they would have never had the opportunity to visit before it ever existed.Be it a complex infrastructure design, Medical Training or Entertainment and Gaming we offer diverse and highly customised immersive Virtual Reality Technology.

Apps & Software

Our advanced Software and Mobile Application solutions are focused towards developing sophisticated products for Infrastructure, Transportation and Education Industry.

Accident Mapper provides the most powerful data set for prevention of the accidents in the future by scientific analysis with its advanced capabilities such as:

  • Capture georeferenced data of road accidents
  • Detailed scientific data for post-accident analysis
  • collaborates multiple emergency response teams
  • real-time & efficient information to handle accidents
  • Easy customisation to any region and language
  • Capture geotagged accident photographs & videos
  • 40 reporting parameters for road accidents
  • Over 200 reporting scenarios for road accidents

Sleave is a HTML5 based content development platform, designed for content developers focused on building great content be it websites, mobile apps, K-12 content, presentations, Kiosk content or e-learning. Sleave is a browser based platform and does not require you to install anything on your machine. It allows you to create content for all devices small and large, and you get to choose how you address the different screen sizes.