Augmented Reality

At Sunovatech, we have the ability to transform the current reality and enhance our visible perception using Augmented Reality. Working with large city wide 3D data sets, we enhance the quality of 3D and Infrastructure data, that can be used to append real time and offline data to 3D objects.

Our developers work with smartphone camera sensors, Microsoft Hololense, or 3D cameras to enhance any visual appearance into Augmented Reality. We are the industry’s leader in delivering VPS(Visual Positioning System)

The decision-making mechanism process requires tools that can create confidence in engineering solutions and investments.

With a growing emphasis on developing smart solutions for city management and evaluating the infrastructure impact, it is a challenge to create solutions that best fit the needs of any city. At Sunovatech, we master the art of transport infrastructure visualisation and AR using the HoloLens Technology.

We can simplify the complex infrastructure decision making by implementing projects in 3D virtual environment before it becomes a reality.

  • Mall Navigation
  • Parking System Navigation
  • Automotive World Applications
  • Road Safety
  • Training and Education
  • Health
  • Real Time Control Rooms and dashboards
  • Training for Police, Fire and First Responders